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BioMat 4 Autism and other Disorders

Together We Can Change Lives!

Primitive Reflexes and Brain Training

Train Your Brain:

Conquer ADHD, PTSD, & Autism

The study of the human brain, it's inner-workings and networks, and the ability to change it's patterns is an amazing thing. Unlike many other paths it is open-ended. Both the brain and movement are essential to learning. Whole Brain learning and movement awakens and energizes the brain; movement begins in the brain. It's time to transform your brain and transform your life. Using a persons sensory motor rhythms (SMR) and bone conduction brain training is effective for people with ADHD, PTSD, and Autism.

There is no cure for ADHD, PTSD, or Autism, but through training the brain and bringing it back into balance and restoring natural connections you can transform your life. Our program enables you to be more focused, tune out distractions, get organized, and accomplish more. The system used is based on a persons Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR).

Studies have shown that the Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) enables, teenagers, adults and children to conquer ADHD, PTSD, and Autism by boosting neurotransmitters in the brain (dopamine) and normalizing brainwaves that are sluggish or hyperactive. The SMR also stimulates, conditions and exercises the sleepy brain, and boosts arousal levels.

Through our Brain Training program your sensory system is trained to integrate sounds with other sensory input. You will notice improvements at work, school, and home, such as:

  • Tone of voice becomes clearer and more distinct
  • Improvement in Reading and Writing
  • Improved Verbal or Short-term memory
  • Attention and ability to stay on task improves
  • Improved Concentration and Focus
  • Enhanced Motivation, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

To learn more about our Brain Training program and if it is right for you schedule your consultation today!

What are Primitive Reflexes?

Does this describe your child?


Well adjusted

Well coordinated

Well behaved


Polite, Calm, Healthy

Makes friends easily

Progressing well at school


Able to focus on school tasks

Communicates well Reaching potential

Or this

Poor coordination or clumsiness

Poor pencil grip & handwriting

Throws tantrums


If you say yes to several items on the second list it is likely that your child may have retained primitive reflexes causing problems.

Adults may also have retained primitive reflexes. Symptoms include:



Panic attacks

Poor self esteem

Excessive shyness

Overreaction to incidents

Inability to cope with change

Primitive reflexes are muscle reactions that are present at birth and happen automatically in response to a certain types of stimulation. The presence and strength of these reflexes are good indicators that an infant is experiencing proper neuro development and function. Primitive reflexes disappear when they are no longer needed. If primitive reflexes are still present when they are no longer developmentally appropriate, it can be a sign of an immature nervous system or brain disorder.

“Absent or abnormal reflexes in an infant, persistence of a reflex past the age where the reflex is normally lost, or redevelopment of an infantile reflex in an older child or adult may suggest significant central nervous system, nerve trunk, or peripheral nerve problems.”

If any of the above describes you or your child. Set up your FREE Consultation today!

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