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BioMat 4 Autism and other Disorders

Together We Can Change Lives!

Play to Grow - Environmental Enrichment Program

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The study of the human brain, it's inner-workings and networks, and the ability to change it's patterns is an amazing thing. Unlike many other paths it is open-ended. Working with individuals with Autism and other disorders and effecting changes in their lives is the most satisfying accomplishment.

"Play is Not Frivolous!

It is not a luxury.

It is not something to fit in after completing all the important stuff.

Play is the important stuff.

Play is a drive, a need, a brain-builiding must-do!"

Jeff A. Johnson & Denita Dinge (2012)

That being said, Play to Grow was designed to help remediate developmental gaps and sensory difficulties while recognizing each child's individual differing needs and talents. The mission of Play to Grow is to empower parents and caregivers to enrich the development of their children through their own involvement in therapy services.

Play to Grow is an environmental enrichment program which specifically looks at how each individual child is developing. We do not address one specific area, but instead look more globally to address all skills to help improve their ability to communicate, stay engaged, and play with peers appropriately. We also look at sensory, social-emotional and school readiness skills. All this is done primarily through play and Qigong techniques. We teach parents and caregivers the skills and techniques they need to support their child. Services can be provided in-home or remotely through the use of video, Skype, webinars and phone consults. Initial consultations and some followups should be done in-office.

We recommend this program for families waiting to receive intensive services, parents wanting to breathe new life into intensive home programs that have lost momentum, and parents who want continued support after finishing an intensive in-home therapy program. This program model is effective in reducing or reversing symptoms of many neural challenging disorders, such as, Autism, Down Syndrome, fragile X syndrome, strokes, brain damage, ADHD, schizophrenia, memory loss and multiple sclerosis. This program is a multidimensional program that stimulates and retrains neurological pathways to assist in one's functioning at a higher level. This program goes to the root causes.

If you are seeking treatment for a severely self-injurious or aggressive behavior, or someone with active seizures this program is not appropriate as a primary means of support.

The Play to Grow program is a cost effective enrichment program and is offered at a cost that is affordable for most families. The following is a summary of typical expenses:

  • Each family signs a formal contract that details the obligations for both BioMat 4 Autism and the parents.
  • Typically the family will sign up for one year initially, most families continue the contract for a second year. Other plans are also available to suit the needs of your family.
  • Families enrolled in the year program also are able to attend any workshops and parent groups for FREE.
  • Depending on child's needs the year long program is approximately $3000.
  • Cancellation of Contract: While we initially sign a contract for one year, we allow early cancellation for an administrative fee of $100; a common reason why a family might cancel is if they move out of the region.
  • We currently have limited funding options and are working on securing new ones. Sliding fees scales are also available. Please contact our office for more information.

Please contact us for more information or to set up your initial consult!