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BioMat 4 Autism and other Disorders

Together We Can Change Lives!

Debbie's Blog

Debbie's Blog

Why BioMat Therapy Sessions for Children with Autism

Posted by [email protected] on 10 July, 2013 at 15:25

In a continuation of my last blog about the BioMat and Autism I have discovered even more research on the links of toxins to autism.   According to Dr. Tinus Smits' (a homeopathy doctor specializing in autism) autism is an accumulation of different causes and about 70% is due to vaccines, 25% to toxic medication and other toxic substances, and 5% to some diseases. Dr. Smits’ research coincides with the dramatic increase over the last ten to twenty years in the diagnosis of Autism and other behavioral problems, such as ADHD. His research makes it clear that children with autism do not suffer from one single cause but from an accumulation of different causes. In the book “Autism, beyond despair” you can find several examples of this. With regular home use of the BioMat or BioMat Therapy sessions, the toxic imprints can be erased.

Besides helping to erase the body of toxins the BioMat can also help in other ways. Children with Autism often have a difficult time in slowing their brain waves down to a resotrative rest. Being able to slow the scattered brain activity can create whole new balances in the overall functioning of the body. The BioMat has been proven to assist in slowing the brain waves down (to Delta states), so in this way it can also be beneficial for autistic children and for individuals with sleep disorders.

Obstacles to cure/treatment

So far the main obstacle to cure seems to be the lack of information about the causes of autism and available treatment options. When important events in the life story of these children and their parents are overlooked or unknown, an essential key to the healing can be missed.

BioMat Therapy and Treatment

Through BioMat Therapy sessions at BioMat 4 Autism all causative factors (vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc.) are detoxified with the unique triple synergy of Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, and Amethyst Crystals to clear out the energetic field of the patient from the imprint of toxic substances or diseases. In using the BioMat as an alternative/additive treatment option, the profound toxic effects can be witnessed as children with autism begin to positively react to the treatments. The reactions to the BioMat sessions are so characteristic, that there can be no doubt about the existence of a link between the toxins as the cause and the development of Autism as its effects.

BioMat 4 Autism offers Therapeutic BioMat sessions for children and adults with Autism and other Disorders. Contact us to set up your initial consult or to schedule a session. Insurance coverage and sliding fee scales may be available to help you cover the costs associated with these sessions. You can also purchase your own personal mat for in-home use.

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