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BioMat 4 Autism and other Disorders

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Debbie's Blog

Debbie's Blog

Autism and the BioMat

Posted by [email protected] on 12 June, 2013 at 22:55

Despite the ever increasing number of children being diagnosed with Autism, medical science is still unable to pinpoint its root causes.

In April the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released a study that estimated the number of children having Autism to be 1 in 50.  Autism appears to be increasing at an alarming rate.  Less than 10 years ago one in every 150 children were diagnosed with Autism.

Most scientists will agree that genetics are one of the risk factors for autism, but not the sole factor.  There is good reason to suspect and also some evidence in new research projects to support the idea that environmental toxicity could be fueling the increase in numbers.

Recent studies published in "Environmental Health Perspectives", and "The Lancet" propose a link between air pollution and toxic chemicals to Neurodevlopmental disorders such as Autism.  In the later study it was found hat 202 industrial chemicals do, in fact, have the capacity to damage the human brain.  A third study from the University of Norther Iowa also found that children living within 10 to 20 miles of toxic waste sites in Minnesota had twice the rate of Autism as children living farther away.

The link between Autism and toxicity becomes increasingly clear as more and more researchers turn their attention towards these issues.  To help minimize these effects the BioMat has proven to be an effective tool.  The BioMat's ability to remove acidic waste and toxin deposits from the body begins restoring organ, glandular, circulative, and cellular functins and possibly nervous diorders over time.  The disruption that toxins and heavy metals can create in cellular communication and in mind/body communications often prevents the optimal functioning of the human body.  Besides pollution, heavy metals have also been linked to Autism.  The BioMat reaches into the deep recesses of the body, pushes out heavy metals, dissolves acidic wastes that have been stored, and mobilizes them into the elimination systems.  Some believe that the "hardware" of a person with Autism may be slightly different, some say even more advanced.  Yet the basic functioning of the cellular systems are the same for everyone.  And the BioMat has the positive effect of clearing the communication and elimination processes of cellular systems.

Additionally, children with Autism often have a difficult time in slowing their brain waves down to a resotrative rest.  Being able to slow the scattered brain activity can create whole new balances in the overall functioning of the body.  The BioMat has been proven to assist in slowing the brain waves down (to Delta states), so in this way it can also be beneficial for autistic children and for individuals with sleep disorders.

BioMat 4 Autism offers Therapeutic BioMat sessions for children and adults with Autism and other Disorders.  Contact us to set up your initial consult or to schedule a session.  Insurance coverage and sliding fee scales may be available to help you cover the costs associated with these sessions.  You can also purchase your own personal mat for in-home use.

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